Member Benefits Overview

By taking advantage of these member benefits, you can maximise your business's exposure, expand your network, stay informed and enhance your reputation within the Lockyer Valley community.  Join the Lockyer Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism today and unlock these valuable benefits that can contribute to your business's success.  Together, let's thrive and build a prosperous business community in the Lockyer Valley.

Member-Exclusive Newsletters

Stay up to date with the latest news, events and insights relevant to the Lockyer Valley business community through our member-only newsletters.  These newsletters are carefully curated to provide you with valuable information, updates, and resources.  Be the first to know about industry trends, upcoming events, policy changes and more, ensuring that you're always informed and empowered to make informed business decisions.

Business Promotion

We understand the importance of promoting your business within the community.  As a valued member, we provide opportunities to showcase your business and increase its visibility.  Your business information and contact details will be prominently listed on our website, allowing potential customers, partners, and community members to easily find and engage with your services.  This enhanced exposure can lead to new business opportunities and increased brand recognition.

Exclusive Event Pricing

As a member of the Lockyer Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, you and all the staff of your business are entitled to attend our events at a special member price.  Whether it's our Business Breakfast, After Hours gatherings, or other networking events, you can network, learn, and connect with fellow professionals in the Lockyer Valley while enjoying discounted rates.


Chamber Member Stickers

As a proud member of the Lockyer Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, you'll receive exclusive "chamber Member" stickers to display on your business premises.  These stickers act as a visual representation of your membership and demonstrate your commitment to the local business community.  Showcase your affiliation with the chamber and gain trust and recognition from customers, clients and partners.


The newly merged Lockyer Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism is a committed group of business people who believe in seeking the best outcomes for business and industry in the Lockyer Valley. We work together and with other key stakeholders to achieve the right results.

Lockyer Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

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